[BE ORIGINAL] Stray Kids '神메뉴(God's Menu)' (4K)

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[BE ORIGINAL] Stray Kids 'God's Menu'
[비 오리지널] 스트레이 키즈 '神메뉴'
퍼포먼스 맛집이 바로 여기인가요?
오감만족 스춤 神메뉴 중독성 장난아님😭
(0:55) 🚨심쿵🚨 입덕을 도와줘요 황현진!
#StrayKids #스트레이키즈 #BEORIGINAL
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Begüm Ay
Begüm Ay Hace 7 horas
Oha olm yuh yani bayaaa güzel
Sofiia Creator
Sofiia Creator Hace 7 horas
Someone please tell me pony tail boy's name He is my crush:)
Mauliya Wahyuni
Mauliya Wahyuni Hace 7 horas
My heart can't handle how good felix is
부산댄스팀 YWproject
부산댄스팀 YWproject Hace 8 horas
외국인이였다면 그냥 강한 비트!에 강한 랩핑!이였겟죠?!🤣
Denise Rodríguez Vega
Denise Rodríguez Vega Hace 8 horas
2:30 Who's the kid from center? 😳
bangwol Hace 8 horas
Stage name Lee Know Real name Lee Minho 😚
ковер Лавелас
ковер Лавелас Hace 8 horas
1:31 по рукам чё?
Gin Ōkami
Gin Ōkami Hace 8 horas
this is the most agressive restaurant i've ever been in 10/10 would come again
ツzoraya Hace 9 horas
hyunjin ...
Aesthetic Girl
Aesthetic Girl Hace 10 horas
Son demasiado hermosos, divinos, bellos, guapos, dioses, preciosos, talentosos, perfectos... Y eso no lo puede cambiar nadie.
Катя Курбатова
Катя Курбатова Hace 10 horas
Почему мне это напоминает рецепт приготовления может кимчи, может быть пиццы, не знаю, ваши предположения?
MS MaRia
MS MaRia Hace 11 horas
Who is the guy with deep voice? And the guy whos in ponytail?
MS MaRia
MS MaRia Hace 10 horas
Hyunjin and Felix
WoodZ MoodZ
WoodZ MoodZ Hace 11 horas
I've been distracted by Changbin's red eye... sooo cool
trashykawa Hace 11 horas
B1 Cover
B1 Cover Hace 11 horas
This is my first time seeing Stray kids but Hyunjin with long hair got me already.
wahyu hidayat
wahyu hidayat Hace 11 horas
소윤 Hace 11 horas
1:22 누구??????
Give a support for Stray kids
Give a support for Stray kids Hace 11 horas
Bunshookie uwu
Bunshookie uwu Hace 11 horas
minho baby needs more lines :(
rk 800
rk 800 Hace 11 horas
Felix 😍💕
sanay rj
sanay rj Hace 11 horas
I'm gonna be their fan😍😍
Aracely Filio
Aracely Filio Hace 12 horas
Soy Cncowner y aceptó que esta canción esta muy buena y ni que hablar de los chicos estan guapisimos..
EXO Forever
EXO Forever Hace 12 horas
Am i the only one who prefers watching this video instead of actual mv cause of minho? .... I feel bad for him whenever i see that actual mv
AIN MAISARAH Hace 12 horas
coming from twitter for cookin" like a chef i'm a five star michelin!! never thought gonna be obsessed with this line for a week
Quinn Aries25
Quinn Aries25 Hace 13 horas
Felix is my first bias in SKZ but now I have Chan in my heart too...
히로미고 Hace 12 horas
omg every stays always feel the same way, just make them all your bias :D
Arman Mahesa
Arman Mahesa Hace 13 horas
hxrricanexx Hace 13 horas
i've watched this so many times i know the whole dance now-
Risda Mulia
Risda Mulia Hace 14 horas
0:56 vampire is out
prosto inside
prosto inside Hace 14 horas
без базара, реально балдею
nayeoniie Hace 14 horas
1:09 excuse me sir? You can't just attack me like that.
Ta My
Ta My Hace 14 horas
I.N face just soooo cuteee.. i can't stop see his cat face😰❤ omg so handsome.. cute maknae ever❤
chibi Chan
chibi Chan Hace 14 horas
This song is a new whole level they nailed it ♡
Sude Apali
Sude Apali Hace 14 horas
Bts 🥺👉🏼👈🏼
Minho World
Minho World Hace 12 horas
Warning :- no need as I was army but Once you STAY in you can't STAY out
히로미고 Hace 12 horas
why? i'm an army but please don't comment something that isn't relatable in a stray kids video.
milky Hace 14 horas
the flavour... mm 🤤
_Evelyne _
_Evelyne _ Hace 15 horas
The talent, i can't-
JENNIE Hace 15 horas
I've known Stray kids But i didn't Stan them But In this era I am A new stay Hope U guys welcome me In the fandom I plan On buying their albums lightsick and stuff
히로미고 Hace 12 horas
welcome to the circus :D
Give a support for Stray kids
Give a support for Stray kids Hace 14 horas
Welcome to STAY fandom
Zhanel Ab
Zhanel Ab Hace 15 horas
Jyp im so done with you give minho more lines!!!
killer queen
killer queen Hace 16 horas
felix's and changbin's verses are so addictive
uri boo
uri boo Hace 16 horas
even if this ain't felix's era, it's his.
ofepilogueandcupid Hace 16 horas
omg is that really felix's real voice????? its so unreal hsakdksl
amess but sweetie
amess but sweetie Hace 16 horas
hi, members names please?
Give a support for Stray kids
Give a support for Stray kids Hace 15 horas
Search stray kids guide on ESstream
Give a support for Stray kids
Give a support for Stray kids Hace 15 horas
Changbin Bang Chan (leader) Felix Han jisung Jeongin/I.N( maknae) Lee know/Lee Minho Hyunjin Seungmin
Лиза Герлиц
Лиза Герлиц Hace 16 horas
2:09 не благодарите
iera belle
iera belle Hace 16 horas
hyunjin look more handasome💕🥰
Rima Anggreini
Rima Anggreini Hace 16 horas
Hyunjin is very riveting and Felix voice is perfect❤
청설모나나 Hace 17 horas
Stre3aming cuggg
Lisma Bl
Lisma Bl Hace 17 horas
Felix is making me pregnant with both face and VOICE Hyunjin OMG i can’t even talk 🥺💦
Po Pan
Po Pan Hace 17 horas
Seungmin legit went from Babie to BABBYYYY
Pooliaa zlaya
Pooliaa zlaya Hace 17 horas
JuneDreams Hace 18 horas
no one talking about han my strong boy
Xin Wei Yap
Xin Wei Yap Hace 18 horas
Is it just me that thinks stray kids will do well if they promote in China or smth, cuz their songs give me such c-pop vibes
Ashilah fp
Ashilah fp Hace 18 horas
After seeing thi, I'm officially stan stray kid
Shania Berry
Shania Berry Hace 19 horas
This made me a stay. What videos can I watch to help me know them more
Fairy Han
Fairy Han Hace 12 horas
Watch their survival show first
히로미고 Hace 12 horas
watch finding skz please! their predebut songs, and some stays' youtube channel such as felixchu, felix's ramen, hanjisung, and more!
Khadijah Parkar
Khadijah Parkar Hace 19 horas
I'm new and this is a masterpiece. and who's the dude with the ponytail?
Binlix 31
Binlix 31 Hace 19 horas
He is Hwang Hyunjin
Dian Sari
Dian Sari Hace 20 horas
Dulu gue juga penari Bali..makanya gue suka dance yg energic..bukan porno ya
Dian Sari
Dian Sari Hace 20 horas
Gerekan nya bisa buat langsing..slim...n kurus sendiri banyak gerak..loved it...suer aktif
Ким Чим
Ким Чим Hace 20 horas
Как зовут пацанчика с длинными волосами?
Le_weeb00 :V
Le_weeb00 :V Hace 20 horas
Hans wink and smirk get me EVERY time (*´∇`*)
Didi and Friends
Didi and Friends Hace 20 horas
0:20 I love this part the most and him too. Been watching him since his rap part in Miroh. 🔥🔥
nurul fatihah
nurul fatihah Hace 20 horas
*4M* next target : *5M*
Rachma Sari0
Rachma Sari0 Hace 20 horas
MimmoPera· Art
MimmoPera· Art Hace 20 horas
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김태리 Hace 21 un hora
머리 묶으신 분이랑 목소리 엄청 낮으신 분 자꾸 생각나는 매력.. 타팬인디 이번 노래 컨셉도 신박해서 좋고 중독성 있고 ㅈㄴ 간지나는 것 같음
Give a support for Stray kids
Give a support for Stray kids Hace 21 un hora
SUNMI’s lover uwu
SUNMI’s lover uwu Hace 21 un hora
Love you guys
Galaxy_Rose Hace 21 un hora
Omg filex and han looking good...But damn Felix deep ass voice is getting to me
•N E K O•
•N E K O• Hace 22 horas
Felix falling in love with floor and Hyunjin's hair is making me fall in love with the floor. So I love you Lee Know. *
Teen Cerita
Teen Cerita Hace 22 horas
Ne, sangnim!! hahhahahhhah
dd dd
dd dd Hace 22 horas
blankpick copy
히로미고 Hace 12 horas
just because of the dudududu, that's a childish reason
stan stray kids
stan stray kids Hace 20 horas
@Give a support for Stray kids yes. glopal news: bp copied baby shark, look at the evidence from this link esstream.com/chat/kYHI1ae6iLp2rH8/v-deo
Give a support for Stray kids
Give a support for Stray kids Hace 21 un hora
Baby shark dududu
Luz Taduran
Luz Taduran Hace 22 horas
Wow so. Hot
nurul fatihah
nurul fatihah Hace 22 horas
han jisung stop bias wrecking me
patrick moon
patrick moon Hace 22 horas
im in love with felix . im done guys . AAAAAAA
patrick moon
patrick moon Hace 22 horas
im new guys hm whats this fandom name?
nurul fatihah
nurul fatihah Hace 22 horas
pepe Hace 23 horas
I think I'm in love with ate least 6 men in this video
musicals trAsh
musicals trAsh Hace 23 horas
Felix and hyunjin hold POWER this comeback
주원 Hace 23 horas
00:03 00:53 01:39 02:20 02:23 00:03 00:53 01:39 02:20 02:23 00:03 00:53 01:39 02:20 02:23
Donghae Baby Nemo
Donghae Baby Nemo Hace 23 horas
Lydda Ragasa
Lydda Ragasa Hace un día
That kid with that unbelivably deep voice can carry this group all by himself. Talk about sex appeal.
Give a support for Stray kids
Give a support for Stray kids Hace 21 un hora
Lua :0
Lua :0 Hace un día
Ok, 8 espermatozoides entraram em mim, eles que lutem, vai ter que assumir🤰🤰🤰🤰
Joey Am
Joey Am Hace un día
I have never listened to stray kids before... but I can’t stop listening to this song or watching their performances.. if anyone has any recommendations with a similar feel to this song (by any group even girl groups) please recommend it to me. I really love the whole song and performance, the dance is amazing.
히로미고 Hace 12 horas
listeining to their go live album ( latest one ) is good, their tracklist are all good, and i recommend listeninv to their b-side tracks as well!
Give a support for Stray kids
Give a support for Stray kids Hace 21 un hora
Listen miroh,double knot,my pace
Rhoda Vivar
Rhoda Vivar Hace un día
Jung Kuku_Kuku
Jung Kuku_Kuku Hace un día
Felix deep voice!!! My ghad it's like his digging my own grave their so in sync
QuanI Covers
QuanI Covers Hace un día
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